Unlimited Courses: Create unlimited courses and lessons with unlimited content and access

Course Categories: Organize your courses into categories and groups for learners to find and take the courses they need

Pre-Requisite Courses: Take a learner down a course path by requiring certain courses to be taken before others

Verify Course Viewing: Settings to ensure your learners are engaged in a course and meet the viewing requirements

Content Supported: Use your own content such as videos and Powerpoints, PDFs, audio files, images, text content, etc

Custom Certificate: Customizable certificates with the information and fields you require, along with achievement requirement

Course Deadlines / Restrictions: Create settings for course attempts, completion deadlines, and retake limits for your learners

Course Description Page: Show a detailed description of your course and instructor, before learners enroll

Device Friendly: Access online courses on any browser or mobile device

Global Settings: Create settings that will automatically apply to all courses created


Add Individual Learners: Manually add/register learners and groups, or allow them to register themselves

Bulk Upload / Enroll Learners: Use your existing Excel list of learners to upload into your Click 4 Course site

Export Learners: Download all learners into an Excel spreadsheet at any time

Create Learner Groups: Unlimited learner groups. Invite them to a course, or send them notifications in one step

View / Edit Learner Information: View profile details for each learner, based on information they entered upon registration

Learner Status: Check current status and progress of your learners at any time

Single Sign-on: Enable SSO for easy login access for your learners


Require Passing Score: Set passing score percentages for tests, and choose to show/hide correct answers

Completion Dates: Set an end date for your learners to complete the test

Randomize Question Order: Mix up the order for each time your learners take a test

Custom Intro / End Message: Create custom messages at the beginning of the test/survey, and at the end, depending on how they scored on the test

Certificates: Customize certificates that your learners will be able to download, based on course and test requirements

Multiple Question Types: Choose from several question types, including Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, True / False, Agree / Disagree and short answer

Multiple Tests: Add multiple tests in a test to a course, at the end of each lesson

Test Settings: Allow for re-tries, question review, and results viewing


Registration Fields: Create customized questions and fields based on the information you’d like to receive when a learner registers

Site Customization: Add your own logo, welcome message / image, banner and background colors and button colors

Unlimited Administrators: Add administrators who can create courses, manage learners, receive notifications, and more

Custom Domain: Use a custom domain we provide, or, use your own domain for your course site. Google analytics included

Unlimited Instructors: Add instructors who can edit courses, but have limited access to administrative features

Discount Codes: If you’re charging for courses, create and offer unlimited discount codes

Add FAQ’s for your Learners: Customize your own FAQs based on what your learners might be interested in knowing about your courses

Unlimited Support: Unlimited phone and email support for all customers


Quick View: See a one-click snapshot of learners’ progress for courses taken, in progress, and completed

Learner Reports: Run and download full reports of your learners progress in their courses

Test / Survey Reports: Run and download full reports of test and survey results, including details from individual questions and answers

Export: Reports can be downloaded to PDF to view, or Excel to sort and edit

Recent Activity: View a timeline of recent activity (registration, enrollment, completion, etc.) by day, week, month or all time


Automated Learner Notifications: Customize auto-notifications to learners for actions such as registering, enrolling, and completing a course

Automated Admin Notifications: Option for automatic emails to the Admin (you) when learners register, enroll, or complete a course

Customizeable Messages: Use our ready-to-go templated forms for your notifications, or customize your own messages for each notification

Individual or Group Messaging: Use our system to send direct emails to one, some, groups, or all of your learners


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Overall, I’ve had an excellent experience with Click 4 Course. I love the quality and design of the platform. The support is phenomenal! Sometimes I even email with a question on the weekend, and I get a response back very quickly. I truly believe they really care about their customers and want them to succeed. Click 4 Course in a category of its own!

Elaine D.
Dental Insurance Training Plus
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We use Click 4 Course to offer online training courses to our newly hired staff, so we can track their progress. They have a talented and helpful staff that goes above and beyond the support that we’ve seen from other online learning sites. Their platform is very sleek and is much more user friendly that other services we’ve tried. We’ve had a great experience. Click 4 Course offers a lot of value based on what we receive.

Carrie H.
UIC College of Nursing
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I have been a Click 4 Course customer for over 5 years and I love the platform, especially the recent updates they made. It’s very easy to navigate, with useful features and customizations for instructors. My students will benefit from using this service for many years to come. The platform is always very consistent and stable. They also have excellent customer service and are alway ready to assist with helping me update my site.

Ariel H.
Hubbard Education Group
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Our state requires our online courses to be approved by them, before going live, based on certain reporting and setting requirements. Click 4 Course met all of those requirements, and helped me set up my course. Their price is absolutely the best in the market! I have seen my competitors offer similar courses on other platforms that cost 10x the amount, but my course is just as good or even better than theirs. Click 4 Course’s service has also been great from the start.

Gary P.
Defender CHL
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