Offer Trainees Custom Certificates For Online Course Completion

If you encourage trainees to undertake online courses, you may be thinking about the benefits of rewarding them with a customized certificate at the end of the course. If you’re thinking about presenting your trainees with certificates in recognition of their hard work and successes, this guide will provide you with more information about the advantages of producing custom certificates.

The reasons why you should present certificates

There are myriad reasons why you should consider presenting your trainees with a personalized, customized certificate. We can break these advantages down into essential reasons and additional benefits.


Teachable vs Click 4 Course vs Thinkific
Thinkific vs Teachable vs Click 4 Course

In many cases, when trainees complete courses, whether they involve online study, practical examinations or written tests, they gain qualifications, which are essential for progression in their chosen career. A certificate not only shows that the individual has completed the course and has the necessary skills and knowledge to proceed, but also that the course is approved. When you’re applying for jobs or continuing education courses (CE courses), you may be required to show that you have corporate training in specific areas and that you have completed a recognized course. By owning a certificate, you have a green light to move forward.

Continuing education and development

Often, when you’re studying, or you’re trying to climb the career ladder, this involves a series of training sessions, workshops or courses. You may need to have a certificate showing that you’ve completed one course to begin another or to move to the next level. Training helps you to develop and hone your skills and expand your knowledge base.

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Certification and proof

Offering Custom Certificates For Online Course Completions

A certificate from your online course site enables you to certify that your trainees have completed courses. They have physical proof that they have undertaken and passed that course and they can use the certificate as evidence if they are required to demonstrate that they have specific training courses under their belts.

State and member requirements

It is common to come across essential requirements that are put in place by the state, the national government or a company itself when you’re applying for further education opportunities or a professional or trainee post. If you’ve undertaken online training in line with guidelines stipulated by a governing body or an authority, a certificate confirms that you’ve passed the test or completed the program and ensures that there are no questions as to whether or not you satisfy the qualifying criteria.

Additional benefits

As well as checking boxes, satisfying health and safety measures and fulfilling requirements laid out by the state or other authorities, custom certificates are also beneficial for boosting self-esteem and enabling candidates to recognize and celebrate their achievements. It’s not easy to complete online training, and that certificate is a memento that will remind the individual of the hard work they put into the course and the benefits they can enjoy now that they’ve successfully completed it. When you have a certificate in your hand, or you see your name up in lights on the screen, this gives you a sense of pride and achievement, and it makes you realize that you’ve accomplished something special. A personalized certificate is evidence that you’ve completed the course and you’ve obtained those results. If you’ve got confidence from completing that course, this could give you that extra push you need to continue your education or start making your way up the career ladder. Training can foster ambition and make you realize that you are capable of achieving your goals.

Customizing your certificates with Click 4 Course

When you’ve invested time and effort in a training course, the last thing you want is a generic certificate that is given out to everybody. With Click 4 Course, you can design and personalize certificates that will actually mean something to your trainees. Our certificates recognize individual achievements, and we offer you the opportunity to include specific information and brand your certificates.

With our custom certificates, you can include all the details you desire, including:

  • Information about the learner
  • Details about the course: the name of the program, the duration and the level of study
  • Pass score
  • Date of completion
  • Course codes and credits

You can also include information about pass scores, and you can decide to present or withdraw certificates based on whether the individual passes or fails the course.

As well as personalizing the information on the certificate, you can also brand your certificates using your company name and logo.

The advantages of a custom certificate

You may be wondering whether it’s worth investing in custom certificates. Personalized certificates are often a better option than generic certificates because they mean more to the individual and they may also include more specific information, which is useful to academic institutions and potential employers. You can also showcase and promote your brand by creating certificates.

If you choose to include customized certificates as part of your online training course, you can also gain control over the options. You can choose to hand out certificates based on whether individuals pass or fail, and include details of scores and grades.

If you encourage trainees to engage in online education or you run online training courses, it’s worth considering the option of offering custom certificates for trainees. With Click 4 Course, you can design and create personalized certificates, which feature your brand name and include detailed information about the individual learner, their achievements and the course they have completed. Certificates are often an essential requirement for continual learning and professional development, but they can also play an instrumental role in boosting confidence and self-belief. Often, completing a course provides a stepping stone to the next stage, and it can help you satisfy requirements as well as giving you the confidence to aim higher. With a Click 4 Course certificate, you can design certificates based on your ideas and preferences, rather than somebody else’s and you can promote your brand and celebrate the candidate’s achievements at the same time.

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