Create Online Training Courses for Your Employees with Click 4 Course

Create Online Training Courses for Your Employees with Click 4 Course

Click 4 Course lets you create online training courses with videos and other content you already have. You can monitor the progress of your learners, check test scores, and offer customized certificates. It’s a comprehensive LMS solution for any company (large or small) looking to train employees with new-hire material, compliance requirements, and ongoing development. Any organization can benefit from the platform because it is affordable, easy to use, and can be deployed the same day you sign up!

Creating An Online Course Is Easy With Click 4 Course

Click 4 Course makes it easy to create online courses.  Simply upload your content, invite your employees to register, and let the platform do the rest.  Enjoy automated notifications to keep your employees informed of important information, and your administrators informed of their progress.

Convert Live Training Into Online Training Content

Click 4 Course lets you convert live training into online content with ease. Turn your old folders and binders into engaging videos, PowerPoints, and PFDs your employees can watch from anywhere, any time, on any device.

Click4Course is a great alternative to Teachable

Just In Time Employee Training

Click 4 Course is a great alternative to Teachable because you can quickly deliver just-in-time employee training. Instead of teaching them everything they need to know in a large block, you can break your content and topics into unlimited smaller courses, or even into separate lessons within a course.  Add requirements for course viewing time, test scores, and prerequisite lessons and courses.

Create Courses with Videos, PowerPoints, Tests, and Certificates

Educational tools should be comprehensive. With Click 4 Course, you can use videos to create online training courses.  Include PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, and other documents as view-only content, and/or handouts for your employees to download.

You can create customized certificates for online courses. Include all necessary information required by simply enabling automated merge fields for items like first/last name, course name, completion date, and test score.  Add custom images or seals to your certificates, along with other individual-specific information required to be on the certificate.

Track Employee Training

Click4Course measures training success

Click 4 Course is a great alternative to other systems like SkyPrep because it makes tracking students’ progress easy.  With automated reports, you can see how well your employees understood the course content and analyze their test results. You can keep tabs on each employee’s progress via a simple dashboard and view which other courses they need to take.

Measure Trainee Success

Click 4 Course’s tests and surveys also let you see how well students are learning. The built-in test creator offers several options for question types, including true/false, multiple choice, multiple select, or short written answers. Administrators can also randomize questions and set timers and passing score requirements. You can also determine whether you make a certificate available to students based on their test scores.

Try Click 4 Course today!

Try us free for 14 days.  Enjoy the following benefits with ALL of our plans:

  • Unlimited content, courses, and inactivate learners
  • No long-term contracts – Only pay month-to-month and cancel at any time.  Additional discounts available on annual plans
  • US-based email, phone, and chat support for all customers
  • 14-day free trial with no credit card required 
  • Additional graphic design services to help with branding, logo placement, and color design
  • Integrated e-commerce in case you’d like to sell your courses.  We take no additional fees
  • Unlimited reporting and automated notifications

Click 4 Course offers all the features you need, the pricing you want, the ease of use you expect, and the support you deserve!  Sign up today and start offering your online courses immediately.  We’re here to help!